Monday, December 17, 2007

Pasta Aglio E Olio

Friends have asked me for this recipe. It's very simple and easy. I was kinda shy to post the recipe, but since you guys asked for it, here it is. If I am not mistaken, "aglio e olio" is a common italian dressing which means "garlic and oil". So basically that is what the recipe is about. Just simple garlic and oil recipe with some additional items based on your tastebuds.


1. Generous glugs of olive oil - as long as it is enough to cover the amount of pasta. I think it would be around 3/4 or 1 cup for a packet of pasta. Adjust the amount as you wish ok?

2. A packet of dry pasta of your choice (cook according to the packet's instruction) - i would recommend spaghetti, linguini as the oil will the cover the pasta pretty nicely, as they are thin.

3. 1/4 - 1/2 cup of chopped garlic (depends on how much you like the garlic)

4. 1/4-1/2 cup of chopped fresh chillies (depends on your taste as well)

5. Freshly ground black pepper - about 2 teaspoon (up to you really)

6. Salt to taste

7. Meat of your choice (optional) - i love to use seafood : squid, prawn, white flesh fish meat. chicken breast tasted nice as well, sliced nicely

8. Veggies of your choice (optional) - baby asparagus, brocolli tastes great with this (blanch in boiling) water first), capsicums (sliced thinly)

9. Parsley & parmesan cheese - as garnishing

How to:

Heat oil in the pan. Sautee the garlic, chillies. Then put in the meat (chicken cooks longer, so put chicken in chicken first. However, i like to cook chicken first with little oil salt & pepper, then take out and put them in later when you throw in the pasta). Add the pepper, and salt to taste.

Put in the pasta, veggies and the garnishing toss them around until the oil coated the pasta thoroughly. Put in the veggies and some parsley toss around. Put them in serving dish, sprinkle the balance parsley and put the parmesan, if you like.

happy trying, and bon appetit.

p/s: a friend of mine asked me whether, instead of using pasta,we use other type of noodles. I never tried it before, but i think you can use the egg noddles, yellow noodle, probably also bee hoon and those kuey teow that you have to soak them first, like in thai dishes. Hmm i think it would be ok cuz they have this chewy texture.


maza said...

You know, the effort that u have put on- the recipe written in English - is awesome! It would help to promote our distinguish dish to abroad too!


We were lacked of synergy to lift it-up the Malaysian food in international arena!

In fact, our local people had been infected with our neighborhood cuisine.

Their mind have been engulf and predominant with; while sitting in a restaurant or food stall even in mamak restaurant, they will always be asking for Siamese food instead of their kinda malay food dishes likely!


Stacy said...

looks delicious.

ayie said...

Jom gi PESTA BUKU kat PWTC ;)